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Make flip magazines in minutes with the help of ePageCreator.

ePageCreator takes any PDF or Image file that you have created and processes it and makes a flip magazine for you.

You can customize the flip magazine by adding in different rich media like audio and videos.

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ePageCreator is a simple flip magazine software that you can install on your PC or Mac computer and create digital flip magazine using just a simple PDF file. No need to download any complicated software and make specific files for ePageCreator. Just a simple PDF that you can create with lots of different programs.

When once you import a PDF into ePageCreator you will have access a big selection of customization options. You can put in links, buttons, audios, and video. You can create a table of content or divide up your magazine with bookmarks. You can even re order the pages if one of them is out of place.


With ePageCreator making flipbook has never been more simple. You can have a flip magazine created in 5-10 mins depending on what you add in for customization. Zero programming knowledge is require to use this software it is super user friendly all of the features can be access by just point and clicking. You will only need your keyboard to fill in basic information. Program is also 100% white labelled this means you can make a flipbook and not have our branding on it at all. You can put your own branding and logos on the flipbooks. You can put in ad banners that cycle on a timer so you can advertise different things. You can attach a link to the banners so when someone click on the banner it will bring them to any webpage you want them to visit.

The flip magazine can be published in serveral formats for viewing. By default it is flash so it will work no problem on PC and Mac computer. For smartphones and tablets you have the option to make HTML5 for those. For eReaders like kobo and kindle fires you can publish ePub and Mobi.

Why use FlipCreator?

1. Customizable
There are a lot of different ways you can customize the magazine in FlipCreator from adding in audio clips, videos, image galleries to changing the overall theme.

2. Easy to use
It is super simple to use FlipCreator you do not need to have any technical knowledge, zero programming reuqired.

3. Control
You have control oh how your flipbook looks, feels by adding in links, videos, audio, background images/colors etc.

4. You keep your own files
From the PDF that you use to the final flipbook that is produced you can choose how you want to upload it and share it. We do not have access to any files that you create.

5. Unlimited
There are no restrictions to how many pages your PDFs need to be. There are no restrictions to the number of flipbooks you can make. Make as many flipbooks as you like.


Some features that are in FlipCreator are:

Add Audio to Page/Background - You can add audio on a specific page or you can add background music by going into Settings > Advanced Background Music

Import Links from PDF - You can import any links that you have in your PDF into the flipbook

Insert Links to Page - You can create links on any page of the flipbook

Insert Audio to Page - You can insert audio to any page of the flipbook

Insert Advertising Top Banner - You can add an advertisment banner accross the top of the flipbook

Insert Advertising Side Banner - You can add an advertisment banner down the right hand side of the flipbook

Sample Flipbook


Check out other flip magazines like this one on our website's sample page. Click here to find more.


My experience with epagecreator has been refreshingly easy in both a ease-of-use and support perspective. I use epagecreator for my company bi-monthly magazine ATV & UTV ESCAPE Magazine. I create the layout once as a PDF then I run it through the epagecreator software adding links, videos, and photo galleries. Once I complete this process, I simply upload the package file to my web server and it is accessible from there. The software is easy to use to add all the links, photo galleries and videos. The magazine always looks professional and the interface for the end-user is sharp. Equally impressive is the support provided. Response time when sending an email to support is surprisingly short, with my questions always being answered quickly. When I have stumbled onto a problem needing a more complicated fix, the support team has taken the time to test my problem and come up with a solution within a very responsible timeframe. Support with this software has been a refreshing experience.

-Josh Arnold (ATV Escape)

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